How to Make Dry Ice

how to make dry ice

Starting with dry ice is a great alternative to add magic to any party. On the other hand, junior high proms look inferior whenever you see no dry ice there. Contrastingly, dry ice is not hard to find. But to make it easier, we can prepare our dry ice at home also. Or if we … Read more

What are the Parts of an Animal Cell

parts of an animal cell

Cells are the basic unit of life in all living organisms. So it is called a functional and structural unit of life where it helps carry out processes such as respiration, feeding, digestion, and excretion. Microscopically, it consists of membranes enclosing cytoplasm and nucleus. The nucleus of a cell also contains blueprints for proteins that … Read more

How to Measure pH of Water

how to measure ph level of water

Among its many chemical properties, water, as a liquid and a solution (e.g., when it’s not 100% pure H20) has a few that are unique. Regardless of their pH (power of hydrogen) values, all solutions are acidic, basic, or neutral, with a pH range of 0-14. It represents the number of hydrogen ions or hydroxide … Read more

How to Make Glass

how to make glass

Is there anything more beautiful than glass? The clarity. The sheen. The inner glow! For centuries it’s no wonder that people have been making glass by hand, mainly using sand and some other ingredients to get the right color or translucency they want. Today, we know exactly what goes into the glass, and with the … Read more

Future NASA Missions

Future NASA missions have always been the subject of discussion since the organization’s inception. Every trip into space reveals new data which in turn helps develop plans for future trips. Whether these trips are done by piloted units or through remote vehicles, they’re becoming more complex as time goes on. Since the mid-1900s, space exploration … Read more

Is Geothermal Energy Renewable? Exploring Power Possibilities of the Future

In Hawaiian mythology, Maui set out to capture the sun to harvest its energy. This myth may be the most effective metaphorical story that illustrates the reach toward clean, renewable energy source systems.  With the rising environmental concerns about climate change, scientists are exploring options for clean, renewable energy source systems more focused than ever.  … Read more

Fit to Disappear: Simplifying Quantum Physics News

Being interested in quantum physics can bring just as many headaches as it does fascinating discoveries. For every headline you read that makes your brain and heart race with excitement, there could be another that sounds like a foreign language. How do you make sense out of the headlines coming from the world of quantum physics? … Read more

Alternative Energy Sources

How can such respectable goals be attained? The answer lies in alternative energy sources. Most scientists point to the burning of fossil fuels is a leading cause of climate change. Whether from gasoline burned in vehicles, coal-fired power plants, or manufacturing facilities, fossil fuels are the major evil identified as a major threat to our … Read more

Carbon Sequestration – What and Why?

Carbon sequestration” doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue or come up in day-to-day conversations – at least not for most of us. But perhaps it’s time more of us became aware of carbon sequestration and its role in controlling or deferring the impact of global warming. Climate change is a top concern of individuals, environmentalists, … Read more