A Quick and Simple Guide to Robotics for Beginner

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve dabbled in robotics before, using a guide and learning more than you absorb from kits is a big step toward doing some cool projects. It’s not an easy hobby or career; well, there are easy and hard projects, so you could choose a smooth road or a hard road. … Read more

How Smart Board Software Will Revolutionize Education

Like rock and roll, chalkboards are dead. Sure, you might find chalkboards (complete with pithy sayings in chalk) popping up as decorative items in homes and businesses. They are also still used in hipster lunch hangouts to advertise the latest organic sandwich specials. But chalkboards as a method of classroom teaching delivery? Done. Don’t think … Read more

Solar Turbines – Creating Careers in Renewable Energy

With pollution and climate change taking center stage in global concerns and even treaty negotiations, every industrialized nation has sought alternative energy sources that contribute to green initiatives by reducing or eliminating emissions and other forms of pollution. Solar power has seen significant growth and popularity for generating electrical power with zero negative impact on … Read more

The Most Valuable Currency for Investing and FOREX

It’s not easy to understand one of the most valuable currencies in the world because calculating its value isn’t straightforward. Banks and markets set the exchange rates for currencies, but they are essentially arbitrary. We’ll look at different ways for evaluating a currency, including exchange rate, purchasing power, and market under/over-valuation. For those interested in getting started in currency arbitrage and foreign … Read more

Therapeutic Cloning And It’s Multitude Pros And Cons

Any term that includes the word “cloning” might send a shiver down your spine, conjuring up visions of a world populated with copies of people who blur the definition of identity. However, the professionals studying this process are far from crazy scientists attempting to wreak havoc; in fact, they’re working to better society by researching … Read more

The Future of Cruise Ships

Only a generation ago, it was considered a rare luxury to vacation onboard a cruise ship. Steep prices combined with the anxiety of being marooned in the middle of the ocean steered people away from these massive boats. Yet, within the last 30 years, the cruise industry has experienced an unprecedent surge in popularity. Perhaps … Read more

Utopia 360 VR Review: A New Perspective from ReTrak

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing sectors, even within the exploding tech space. With more companies popping up every year, it can be hard to keep track of which products are leading and innovating. One of those such companies is ReTrak which is famous for its Utopia 360 VR system, which enables you to experience … Read more